Open uri20160123 3 1b3ukx3?1453581308

Carbon Tax agreed by Ben van Beurden, CEO, Shell

Open uri20170908 4 1vchvlt?1504903134

Carbon Tax agreed by Charles Wheelan, I teach public policy at Dartmouth. I am the author of Naked Money, Naked Statistics, and other book

Even in the face of uncertainty over the effects of global warming – including whether it is happening at all – the policy we ought to pursue is a no-brainer. We ought to protect ourselves from a potentially catastrophic outcome by curtailing carbon emissions now.
Open uri20170908 4 1ocvbpk?1504902520

Carbon Tax agreed by Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel laureate economist based at Columbia University

Open uri20170910 4 1faes2?1505064781

Carbon Tax agreed by Daniel McFadden, American econometrician

Open uri20170910 4 1p51j4a?1505065887

Carbon Tax agreed by Kevin Hassett, resident scholar and director of economic policy studies at the renowned American Enterprise Institute

Open uri20170910 4 hvji2x?1505065377

Carbon Tax agreed by James Hansen, American adjunct professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University

Open uri20170909 4 josmib?1504936281

Carbon Tax agreed by Ted Gayer, Vice President and Director of the Economic Studies program and Joseph A. Pechman Senior Fellow

Open uri20170910 4 dwz703?1505065475

Carbon Tax agreed by Edward Glaeser, American economist

Open uri20161123 4 162mvia?1479931121

Carbon Tax agreed by Tyler Cowen, Professor of Economics, George Mason University & author of Average is Over

Open uri20170910 4 q9w6p0?1505065993

Carbon Tax agreed by John H. Cochrane, economist, specializing in financial economics and macroeconomics

Open uri20170910 4 1x7nzy?1505063691

Carbon Tax agreed by Steven Chu,

Open uri20170717 4 5vz6ne?1500317938

Carbon Tax agreed by Noam Chomsky, Linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, social critic, and political activist


Carbon Tax agreed by Willem Buiter, Citi's Chief Economist


Carbon Tax agreed by Bruce Bartlett,

Trump infrastructure and tax plans should include flood control and a carbon tax.
Open uri20170720 4 i6pm9p?1500558081

Carbon Tax agreed by Dean Baker, Macroeconomist and codirector of the Center for Economic and Policy Research

Open uri20160824 3 rka8ib?1472038625

Carbon Tax disagreed by Donald J. Trump, President of the USA

I will not support or endorse a carbon tax!
Open uri20170222 4 1nvl11j?1487793468

Carbon Tax agreed by Ted Halstead, Author, public speaker and social entrepreneur

It is pro growth, pro competition, pro jobs, deregulatory, and it will help the working-class voters that Trump promised to help.
Open uri20170430 4 1obwtme?1493566056

Carbon Tax agreed by Jerry Taylor,

The cost of a carbon tax (likely less than 0.8% of GDP) is well south of the expected costs of warming by 2100 (as mentioned earlier, a conservative 3.6% or more of GDP).
Open uri20170328 4 1vc3zgh?1490731828

Universal Basic Income agreed by Nicola Sturgeon, First minister of scotland and leader of the scottish national party

As we look ahead to the next decade and beyond, it is an idea that merits deeper consideration. I therefore confirm that the Scottish Government will work with interested local authorities to fund research into the concept and the feasibility of a citizens basic income, to help to inform Parliament’s thinking for the future.
Open uri20170328 4 y09z5u?1490732548

Climate change is real agreed by Barack Obama, Former President of United States of America

Climate change is the greatest long-term threat facing the world, as well as a danger already manifesting itself as droughts, storms, heat waves and flooding.
Open uri20170906 4 12iokec?1504727750

Transgender individuals in the army agreed by Eric Fanning, Army secretary at the end of Obama’s term

How does this impact readiness? How many soldiers are not going to be deployable because of medical care that they’re receiving? And RAND’s analysis ― again, before the accession policy was set with the 18-month stability clause ― was that it would be as low as 29 to as high as 129 service members a year that would require medical, surgical treatment for transitioning. I suspect that number’s goi... See More
Open uri20170906 4 15km0x2?1504729864

Carbon Tax disagreed by Schroders, British multinational asset management company

Total earnings of 12,500 global companies could fall by 20% were the world to limit itself to the 2C temperature rise target agreed in Paris through higher taxes.
Open uri20170714 4 4hbihy?1500034535

Job Guarantee agreed by William A. Darity, Professor of Public Policy at Duke University

Each job offered under a federal employment assurance would be at a wage rate above the poverty threshold, and would include benefits like health insurance. A public sector job guarantee would establish a quality of work and the level of compensation offered for all jobs. The program would be great for the country: It could meet a wide range of the nation’s physical and human infrastructure needs,... See More
Open uri20170328 4 8besju?1490732527

Robot Tax agreed by Bill Gates, Philanthropist. Founder and former CEO of Microsoft.

Right now, the human worker who does, say, $50,000 worth of work in a factory, that income is taxed and you get income tax, social security tax, all those things. If a robot comes in to do the same thing, you’d think that we’d tax the robot at a similar level.
Open uri20170906 4 1jugytl?1504729370

Carbon Tax disagreed by Conference Board Cda, Non-partisan Canadian not-for-profit think tank

Carbon tax could cause a broad slowdown in economic activity as higher energy prices ripple throughout the economy.
Missing mini

Robot Tax agreed by The Republican Editorials, Western Massachusetts’ most popular local news and information site

Some Silicon Valley entrepreneurs consider the tax intrusive and anti-business - an obstacle to progress that forces them to maintain higher costs, restricting the price breaks they might pass on to consumers. An even greater number say fears of mass job displacement are ludicrous and panic-driven, and that robots will only make the workforce more versatile, rather than pushing people out. That's... See More
Open uri20170906 4 1spoema?1504726265

Universal Basic Income agreed by Chris Lee, Democratic member of the Hawaii House of Representatives

Our economy [Hawaii's] is changing far more rapidly than anybody's expected. It is important to be sure that everybody will benefit from the technological revolution that we're seeing to make sure no one's left behind.
Open uri20170906 4 563f7h?1504722398

Universal Basic Income disagreed by Grant Cardone,

If someone is a taker rather than a maker, and becomes dependent on the government for their unemployment checks, that creates a victim mentality. I decided right then and there that I didn't want someone to give me a fish; I needed to be taught how to fish. If anyone wants to give you free cash, no questions asked, get suspicious. Universal basic income is a step to becoming a slave of the federa... See More
Open uri20170901 4 wnwp4f?1504286116

Universal Basic Income disagreed by Branko Milanovic, Economist. Development and inequality expert.

Economically, states already guarantee a basic salary under certain conditions, for example in cases of unemployment or extreme poverty. With universal basic income, this assistance would no longer be temporary or linked to a certain condition, and I don’t think it would be sustainable. Moreover, I don’t like the idea of a world where work is no longer a form of self-realisation for citizens. I im... See More
Open uri20170901 4 ylyiwi?1504262299

Universal Basic Income disagreed by Heiner Flassbeck, Economist

(Pro UBI) argument is that, today, the technological evolution is destroying so many jobs that there is no longer any other choice than to decouple income from work. This argument is absurd for many reasons, but mainly because productivity nowadays is rising much slower than several decades ago. If, one day, productivity would increase substantially again, it will be both possible and necessary to... See More
Open uri20160822 3 11ie95d?1471892166

Ride sharing data should be shared with cities agreed by Tim O'Reilly, Founder and CEO, O'Reilly Media. Investor. Studied at Harvard University.

Data is the currency of regulatory decision making
Open uri20170831 4 bocq4f?1504177346

Vaccines disagreed by Jenny McCarthy, American actress, model, television host, author, screenwriter, and anti-vaccine activist

What I really am is “anti-toxins” in the vaccines. I do believe that there is a correlation between vaccinations and autism. I don’t think it’s the sole cause, but I think they’re triggering–it’s triggering–autism in these kids. A really great example is…is, sometimes obesity can trigger diabetes. I do believe that vaccines can trigger autism…It’s so much more than just mercury. That is one ingred... See More
Open uri20170328 4 1f4r9k3?1490731534

Vaccines disagreed by Bill Posey, US Republican Congressman

We have an autism epidemic [in the US]. But for some reasons they refuse to acknowledge it publicly. Dr Boyle [CDC’s spokesperson on autism and vaccines] admitted that the federal government has never done a very simple, fundamental, basic study comparing autism rates in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children. The CDC cannot be trusted regarding investigating vaccine safety. Huge conflict of interes... See More
Open uri20170831 4 ddlnvo?1504168973

Vaccines disagreed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr, American radio host, environmental activist, author and attorney specializing in environmental law

None of the vaccines have more than a few months of double-blind placebo testing, which will not allow you to spot illnesses like autism that aren’t diagnosed before five years. Second of all, in most vaccines, for example the Gardasil vaccine, they don’t use true placebos.
Open uri20170831 4 1kwahoc?1504161842

Vaccines agreed by CDC Global Health, United States federal agency

We know that a disease that is apparently under control can suddenly return, because we have seen it happen, in countries like Japan, Australia, and Sweden. Here is an example from Japan. In 1974, about 80% of Japanese children were getting pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine. That year there were only 393 cases of whooping cough in the entire country, and not a single pertussis-related death. Then... See More
Open uri20160824 3 rka8ib?1472038625

Vaccines disagreed by Donald J. Trump, President of the USA

Healthy young child goes to doctor, gets pumped with massive shot of many vaccines, doesn't feel good and changes - AUTISM. Many such cases!
Open uri20170831 4 1h0hxb7?1504161336

Vaccines disagreed by Gary Johnson, Two-term Governor of New Mexico and 2016 Libertarian candidate for President

No to mandatory vaccines
Open uri20170830 4 1gtfcp7?1504119980

Universal Basic Income disagreed by Jorge Riechmann, Poet, mathematician, philosopher, ecologist and political scientist.

Todas las versiones de la RB, tanto las de derecha como las de izquierda: presuponen la perpetuación del capitalismo (de un capitalismo superproductivo, de hecho); llevan a una sociedad dual, en una fase en la que necesitamos reconstruir la cohesión y profundizar en la igualdad; se presupone la automatización creciente de la producción, con generación de grandes excedentes; esto choca contra la pe... See More
Open uri20170829 4 110ols7?1504025037

Universal Basic Income disagreed by Evgeny Morozov, Writer ans researcher on political and social implications of technology.

Basic income, therefore, is often seen as the Trojan horse that would allow tech companies to position themselves as progressive, even caring – the good cop to Wall Street’s bad cop – while eliminating the hurdles that stand in the way of further expansion. Goodbye to all those cumbersome institutions of the welfare state, employment regulations that guarantee workers’ rights or subversive attemp... See More

Universal Basic Income disagreed by Jared Bernstein, Senior Fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Are the good, effective anti-poverty programs currently in place fully funded? I’m quite certain they’re not, and thus the question for progressives is what gets us the bigger inequality-and-poverty-reducing-bang-for-the-buck: a dollar to UBI, or a dollar to things like quality pre-school, the EITC and CTC (wage subsidies for low-income, working families), expanding Medicaid, SNAP (food stamps), a... See More
Open uri20170717 4 5vz6ne?1500317938

Universal Basic Income agreed by Noam Chomsky, Linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, social critic, and political activist

It comes from the right wing originally. Milton Friedman proposed it for example. From his point of view it was part of an effort to undermine welfare state measures. But it doesn’t have to have a reactionary component. It can be interpreted as something progressive. That people have rights. In fact if you read the universal declaration of human rights, 1948, take a look at article 45. It says peo... See More
Open uri20170717 4 pbixyz?1500316200

Universal Basic Income disagreed by Elizabeth S. Anderson, Philosopher. University of Michigan.

Van Parijs would guarantee everyone the maximum unconditional basic income that could be sustained in a society (...) regardless of wether they were able or performing socially useful work. Lazy, able-bodied surfers would be just as entitled to that income as dependent caretakers or the disabled. (...) Van Parij's proposal effectively indulges the tastes of the lazy and irresponsible at the expen... See More
Open uri20170717 4 doyce1?1500292339

Universal Basic Income agreed by Charles Murray, Libertarian conservative political scientist, author, and columnist

Replacing the welfare state with an annual grant is the best way to cope with a radically changing U.S. jobs market—and to revitalize America’s civic culture
Open uri20170714 4 9hy56f?1500056488

Universal Basic Income disagreed by Ha-Joon Chang, Economist. University of Cambridge

The right-wing version of UBI (...) is that the government should provide its citizens with a basic income at the subsistence level, while providing no (or little) further goods and services. As far as I can see, this is the version of UBI supported by the Silicon Valley companies. I am totally against this. There are left-wing libertarians who support UBI, who would set its level quite high, whi... See More
Open uri20170714 4 1f1x66?1500020236

Universal Basic Income disagreed by Helen Razer, Radio presenter and writer

The reason they adore UBI isn’t to do with their commitment to lift a growing underclass out of poverty; that’s just a bedtime story that helps the super-wealthy sleep. Instead, it’s more to permit spending on their goods by what remains of the American middle class. No one on a stagnant wage can currently buy the things that Musk—and the rest of Silicon Valley—wants to sell them.
Open uri20170925 4 4s4c8r?1506362251

Universal Basic Income disagreed by Anke Hassel, Sociologist. Professor at the Hertie School of Governance. Director of Hans Böckler Foundation’s WSI

The basic income will further divide society and prevent social mobility. Those who, due to their family background, have good prospects for interesting employment and high income will maintain their existing work ethic, engaging in school and study, and maybe taking a sabbatical or two in between. This is a good thing. However, life will become more difficult for young people from parts of societ... See More
Open uri20170710 4 5vgdew?1499709651

Universal Basic Income disagreed by Vicenç Navarro, Sociologist and Political Scientist. Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Establecer un salario ciudadano cuando nuestro Estado del Bienestar está tan poco desarrollado es comenzar la casa por el tejado. Hay que garantizar que todo ciudadano y residente pueda tener los recursos necesarios para vivir una vida digna y ello implica que el estado debe garantizar que los ciudadanos y residentes puedan alcanzar tal nivel de renta, bien a través del trabajo, bien a través de o... See More
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