Open uri20170324 4 1nfj5zz?1490356920

Michelle Peluso disagrees: Remote-work

The only recipe I know for success: great people, the right tools, a mission, analysis of results, and really creative and inspiring locations.
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Molly Crabapple agrees: Universal Basic Income

The number one thing that would let more independent artists exists in America is a universal basic income.
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Ralph Callebert agrees: Universal Basic Income

We usually focus on employment and production. Yet, much of the world’s population has no realistic prospects of employment, and we already produce more than what is sustainable. Basic income, however, separates survival from employment or production.
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Open uri20170204 4 129j5qc?1486210182

Martin Wolf agrees: Universal Basic Income

We will need to redistribute income and wealth. Such redistribution could take the form of a basic income for every adult, together with funding of education and training at any stage in a person’s life
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Open uri20170303 4 1ucpmc3?1488526980

Bryan Caplan disagrees: Universal Basic Income

The Universal Basic Income is indeed worse than the status quo. In fact, all the fundamental criticisms of the welfare state apply with even greater force.
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Open uri20170228 4 19z35cz?1488311407

Ecosocialist agrees: Universal Basic Income

With robotics taking the jobs of so many workers and the only new jobs not paying enough to live on, I think there is no more practical choice than to institute a UBI, and I think it should be tax-free and not means-tested so that people would not be penalized for their own creative efforts at working. Innovation would see a major spike, I'm sure.
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Open uri20170328 4 8besju?1490732527

Bill Gates disagrees: Universal Basic Income

Even the US isn't rich enough to allow people not to work. Some day we will be but until then things like the Earned Income Tax Credit will help increase the demand for labor.
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Elon Musk agrees: Carbon Tax

Not paying carbon taxes is like not paying for garbage collection
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Open uri20170328 4 y09z5u?1490732548

Barack Obama agrees: Carbon Tax

If there's one thing that I would like to see, it would be for us to price the cost of carbon emissions
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Open uri20170114 4 a8hktt?1484425894

Toby Ord agrees: Advanced artificial intelligence poses a serious risk to society within the next 50 years

His current research is on avoiding the threat of human extinction and thus safeguarding a positive future for humanity... He is a leading expert on the potential threats and opportunities posed by advanced artificial intelligence over the coming decades
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Open uri20170222 4 11abjo7?1487793772

Adam Ozimek agrees: Carbon Tax

It will help the government get out of the energy regulation business in the long-run. If innovation drives solar and battery prices low enough, the energy sector may become no different than any other industry in producing limited externalities. Thus the special regulatory consideration it merits will no longer exist.
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Open uri20170222 4 1bi2c6b?1487793492

Camila Thorndike agrees: Carbon Tax

As a cross-sector and market-based solution, a carbon tax empowers business to profitably transition to the clean-energy economy.
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Open uri20170222 4 1eczftm?1487793488

Alessandro Bruno disagrees: Carbon Tax

Therefore, carbon credits, carbon taxes, and related schemes are actually more about fueling environmental finance than environmental responsibility. The credits are less about projects and research in sustainable production systems and more about the financial interests underlying the market for carbon credits.
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Open uri20170328 4 t1lw51?1490732944

James Delingpole disagrees: Carbon Tax

By taxing carbon dioxide (the harmless trace gas which makes the planet greener), the US government would be signalling to the world that it still believes in the man-made global warming narrative. This, in turn, would keep alive the crony-capitalist “renewables” industry in which Paulson, Steyer, Bloomberg and their friends are so heavily invested.
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Open uri20170222 4 p86g23?1487793484

Lawrence Summers agrees: Carbon Tax

But there should be no doubt that starting from the current zero tax rate on carbon, increased taxation would be desirable
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Open uri20170222 4 1l113s4?1487793482

Bob Inglis agrees: Carbon Tax

You then offset that [carbon tax] with a reduction in payroll taxes, dollar for dollar. And that's why I was so flexible. It's a tax swap, that's what I was talking about. It wouldn't grow the government, and it would approximate the attachment of these negative externalities to combustion fossil fuels.
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Open uri20170328 4 ys4h4i?1490732942

Patrick Michaels disagrees: Carbon Tax

The fact that there isn’t any temperature trend whatsoever in the last 16 years is forcing scientists to confront the reality that the carbon taxers are choosing to evade
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Open uri20170328 4 1n53nob?1490732939

E. Calvin Beisner disagrees: Carbon Tax

A carbon tax would be bad for the poor, and everyone else
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Open uri20170222 4 1nvl11j?1487793468

Ted Halstead agrees: Carbon Tax

It is pro growth, pro competition, pro jobs, deregulatory, and it will help the working-class voters that Trump promised to help.
Agree Disagree

Elon Musk agrees: Universal Basic Income

I think we'll end up doing universal basic income. It's going to be necessary.
Agree Disagree
Open uri20170204 4 129j5qc?1486210182

Martin Wolf agrees: Universal Basic Income could be funded from taxes on rents

The revenue could come from taxes on bads (pollution, for example) or on rents (including land and, above all, intellectual property)
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Open uri20170328 4 1fucjjr?1490732888

Ralph Nader agrees: Universal Basic Income

Basic income would get rid of chronic capitalism
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James K. Boyce agrees: Universal Basic Income

This idea finds support across America’s ideological spectrum in an era when hardly anything else does
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Open uri20170328 4 137p4ys?1490730606

Joseph E. Stiglitz disagrees: Universal Basic Income

You want your government to think more carefully about targeting programmes that help those in need, rather than universal. That’s a trade-off given the budget constraints on the public sector
Agree Disagree
Open uri20161123 4 162mvia?1479931121

Tyler Cowen disagrees: Universal Basic Income

"Let’s send a check to everyone" is an appealing idea, but I've come around to the view that doing so would do more harm than good. [...] It eventually would choke off immigration to the U.S. Voters don't like sending money to immigrants.
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Open uri20161121 4 9xokj0?1479758632

Chris Boos agrees: Universal Basic Income

The unconditional basic income is a way of shaping the necessary social change from preservation to new construction so as to become socially compatible.
Agree Disagree
Open uri20161121 4 1n4bp3p?1479758475

Joe Kaeser agrees: Universal Basic Income

A kind of basic income will be absolutely inevitable
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Open uri20161009 3 19y2y07?1476044794

Tony Atkinson disagrees: Universal Basic Income

I don’t in fact favour a basic income as such, what I favour is what I call a participation income
Agree Disagree
Open uri20161103 3 1gyat74?1478203106

Dustin Moskovitz agrees: Universal Basic Income

How can we help as many people as possible as much as possible with the resources we have?
Agree Disagree
Open uri20170328 4 10ulibh?1490732882

Archbishop Desmond Tutu agrees: Universal Basic Income

The basic income movement is designed to enhance the dignity and well-being inclusion of all people and move us closer to our vision of social equity
Agree Disagree

Christopher Pissarides agrees: Universal Basic Income

I am very much in favour, as long as we know how to apply it without taking away incentive to work at the lower end of the market
Agree Disagree

Joe Williams agrees: Universal Basic Income

What basic income does is set a floor, a monetary floor by which no one will fall below. So you want to guarantee that basic income for everybody.
Agree Disagree
Open uri20161105 3 1adhoc4?1478348794

Toomas Hendrik Ilves agrees: Universal Basic Income

The rapid replacement of jobs by machines/artifical intelligence will lead to the need for a Universal Basic Income.
Agree Disagree

Yahtzee Croshaw agrees: Universal Basic Income

There's probably a huge amount of problems in the world that would probably be fixed if there was a guaranteed income
Agree Disagree

Gotz Werner agrees: Universal Basic Income

There has always been someone who put trust in me and said: Mr. Werner, show us what you can do. Exactly the same way the basic income says: We grant you so that you can live humbly but with dignity, and now you can show us what you can do.
Agree Disagree

Jeremy Howard agrees: Universal Basic Income

The pool of displaced workers will just keep growing exponentially, and the solution is to level the playing field.
Agree Disagree

Marshall Brain agrees: Universal Basic Income

That simple question - "Which scenario is better for the society as a whole?" - lies at the heart of the concept of a Basic Income.
Agree Disagree
Open uri20170328 4 r93a0i?1490732878

Ebrahim Hemmatnia agrees: Universal Basic Income

The next Dutch government should make poverty in Holland #history by implementing #BasicIncome. #ModernSociety
Agree Disagree

Andrew Little agrees: Universal Basic Income

We are keen to have that debate about whether the time has arrived for us to have a system that is seamless, easy to pass through, [with a] guaranteed basic income and [where] you can move in and out of work on a regular basis.
Agree Disagree

Tantoo Cardinal agrees: Universal Basic Income

This is an invitation to be part of something that really makes sense
Agree Disagree

Mike Savage agrees: Universal Basic Income

Time to take a serious look at basic annual guaranteed income
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