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Universal Basic Income disagreed by Joseph E. Stiglitz, Nobel Prize in Economics

You want your government to think more carefully about targeting programmes that help those in need, rather than universal. That’s a trade-off given the budget constraints on the public sector
Open uri20161123 4 162mvia?1479931121

Universal Basic Income disagreed by Tyler Cowen, Professor of Economics, George Mason University & author of Average is Over

"Let’s send a check to everyone" is an appealing idea, but I've come around to the view that doing so would do more harm than good. [...] It eventually would choke off immigration to the U.S. Voters don't like sending money to immigrants.
Open uri20161121 4 1n4bp3p?1479758475

Universal Basic Income agreed by Joe Kaeser, CEO of Siemens

A kind of basic income will be absolutely inevitable
Open uri20161009 3 19y2y07?1476044794

Universal Basic Income disagreed by Tony Atkinson, Research Fellow at Oxford and Professor at the London School of Economics

I don’t in fact favour a basic income as such, what I favour is what I call a participation income
Open uri20161103 3 1gyat74?1478203106

Universal Basic Income agreed by Dustin Moskovitz, Co-founder of Facebook

How can we help as many people as possible as much as possible with the resources we have?
Open uri20170328 4 10ulibh?1490732882

Universal Basic Income agreed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Social Rights Activist Who Fought Apartheid

The basic income movement is designed to enhance the dignity and well-being inclusion of all people and move us closer to our vision of social equity

Universal Basic Income agreed by Christopher Pissarides, Nobel Prize in Economics

I am very much in favour, as long as we know how to apply it without taking away incentive to work at the lower end of the market

Universal Basic Income agreed by Joe Williams, Running for Congress in Santa Cruz, CA

What basic income does is set a floor, a monetary floor by which no one will fall below. So you want to guarantee that basic income for everybody.
Open uri20161105 3 1adhoc4?1478348794

Universal Basic Income agreed by Toomas Hendrik Ilves, President of Estonia since 2006

The rapid replacement of jobs by machines/artifical intelligence will lead to the need for a Universal Basic Income.

Universal Basic Income agreed by Yahtzee Croshaw, Creator of Popular Webseries Zero Punctuation

There's probably a huge amount of problems in the world that would probably be fixed if there was a guaranteed income

Universal Basic Income agreed by Gotz Werner, Founder of Dm-drogerie Markt (Germany's Walgreens)

There has always been someone who put trust in me and said: Mr. Werner, show us what you can do. Exactly the same way the basic income says: We grant you so that you can live humbly but with dignity, and now you can show us what you can do.

Universal Basic Income agreed by Marshall Brain, Founder of HowStuffWorks

That simple question - "Which scenario is better for the society as a whole?" - lies at the heart of the concept of a Basic Income.
Open uri20170328 4 r93a0i?1490732878

Universal Basic Income agreed by Ebrahim Hemmatnia, Guiness Record Holding Ocean Biker

The next Dutch government should make poverty in Holland #history by implementing #BasicIncome. #ModernSociety

Universal Basic Income agreed by Andrew Little, Labor Party Leader in New Zealand

We are keen to have that debate about whether the time has arrived for us to have a system that is seamless, easy to pass through, [with a] guaranteed basic income and [where] you can move in and out of work on a regular basis.

Universal Basic Income agreed by Tantoo Cardinal, Celebrity

This is an invitation to be part of something that really makes sense

Universal Basic Income agreed by Mike Savage, Mayor of Halifax

Time to take a serious look at basic annual guaranteed income
Open uri20170608 4 18i0r2o?1496905114

Universal Basic Income agreed by Sam Harris, American author, philosopher, and neuroscientist

Ultimately we need something like a universal basic income. There has to be someway to distribute this kind of technological wealth more fairly to the rest of the world.

Universal Basic Income agreed by Moshe Vardi, AI and Automation Expert With 30 Yrs Experience

we may have to consider instituting a Basic Income Guarantee

Universal Basic Income agreed by Jarrod Williams, Running for US Senate for Nevada

We need a Universal Basic Income to provide a base level for everyone.

Universal Basic Income agreed by Keith Hobbs, Mayor of Thunder Bay, Canada

If you have a basic income, you have a certain degree of self-worth. A set income and a ‘housing first’ strategy would work wonders,

Universal Basic Income agreed by Darian Shirazi, CEO of Radius

We have a small technological aristocracy and a middle class struggling to catch up with the demands of a more efficient economy. Basic income can bring a baseline and offer freedom to those trapped by our new economy.

Universal Basic Income agreed by Willem Buiter, Citi's Chief Economist

Use the tax-transfer mechanism (e.g. through a guaranteed minimum income for all, or an ambitious negative income tax, public funding of health care and long-term care etc.) to support those left behind by technological advances.

Universal Basic Income agreed by Tim Höttges, CEO of Deutsch Telekom

We have to shield our society. An unconditional simple income can be a basis to lead a decent existence.

Universal Basic Income agreed by Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary

I am really, really interested if he will bring that to bear in terms of some really significant changes to the taxation system that would really help us manage poverty in a brand new way,

Universal Basic Income agreed by Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development in Canada

I think it’s the principles behind the idea [of a guaranteed income] that matter. These principles are greater simplicity for the government, greater transparency on the part of families and greater equity for everyone
Open uri20161103 3 1jmrvpn?1478206279

Universal Basic Income agreed by Anthony Painter, Director of Policy and Strategy at the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts)

If you want to incentivise work at every level of income then Basic Income is simply the best system
Open uri20161103 3 kprxoy?1478204840

Universal Basic Income agreed by Eric Olin Wright, Professor of Sociology, University of Wisconsin - Madison

A generous basic income would contribute to revitalizing a socialist challenge to capitalism

Universal Basic Income agreed by Howard Lindzon, Founder and CEO of Stocktwits

What Would Happen If We Just Gave People Money? - FiveThirtyEight ... I'm for it. Won't stop me from working harder
Neal lawson

Universal Basic Income agreed by Neal Lawson, Chair of Compass, a UK think tank

Even if the robots don’t come, our labour market is so precarious that as it is, it isn’t working. That’s why we need basic income.
Missing mini

Universal Basic Income agreed by Angus Deaton, British microeconomist

The government should take care of people with low income and should be pushing basic income grants

Universal Basic Income agreed by Grace Lee Boggs (deceased), Civil rights activist

You can think so much in terms of re-distribution. Or you can begin thinking about justice in terms of restoring another way of life

Universal Basic Income agreed by Lisa Helps, Mayor of Victoria, BC

There is a strong link between having a basic income and creating a strong local economy. There is more money to circulate and it supports the ‘buy local’ movement.

Universal Basic Income agreed by Don Iveson, Mayor of Edmonton

We (Edmonton and Calgary) may be in a position to pilot some different solutions. As partners, we may be able to help the Province implement [a basic income guarantee pilot].

Universal Basic Income agreed by Dominick Stephens, Westpac Chief Economist

Universal basic income is worth considering
Open uri20161103 3 1m8t732?1478207394

Universal Basic Income agreed by Martin Ravallion, Economist

A BIG ( basic-income guarantee) with the same budgetary cost would have greater impact on poverty than the labor earnings from India’s National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
Open uri20170328 4 1qsc0hd?1490732873

Universal Basic Income agreed by Martin Ford, Futurist & NY Times bestselling author of #RiseoftheRobots

Basic income can be a solution to inequality and insecurity, not just mass unemployment
Open uri20170129 4 wejke4?1485688366

Universal Basic Income agreed by Charles Murray, Libertarian Political Scientist

It makes it easier for individuals to do the hard work of investing in civil society
Open uri20161009 3 1seccut?1476048935

Universal Basic Income agreed by Chris Hughes, Facebook co-Founder

I’m supportive of the idea of a basic income over the long term and believe that one day something of this size will likely be necessary to cope with the impact of automation and globalized trade on the United States
Open uri20160822 3 8v8jsw?1471892172

Universal Basic Income agreed by Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web

It is one of the ways of addressing massive global inequality
Open uri20161009 3 hcgm26?1476047615

Universal Basic Income disagreed by Alan Beattie, International Economy Editor, The Financial Times

Shifting [...] to a basic income system is essentially saying that we consider the challenges of disability, old age, parenthood and prohibitive rents less important than administrative simplicity and the inefficiencies associated with means-testing

Universal Basic Income disagreed by Luzi Stamm, Member of parliament for the right-wing Swiss People's Party

If you would offer every individual a Swiss amount of money, you would have billions of people who would try to move into Switzerland
Open uri20161009 3 1byphuo?1476045965

Universal Basic Income disagreed by Leonid Bershidsky , Journalist, Bloomberg View Columnist

There probably isn't much danger that Finns will stop working if they get a basic income. The bigger risk is that the government won't be able to pay for it.
Open uri20161009 3 ljabtq?1476044048

Universal Basic Income agreed by Royal Society of Arts, British organisation committed to finding practical solutions to social challenges

Basic Income smoothes work transitions whilst providing security in an age of potentially rapid technological change
Open uri20160824 3 i43opx?1472041281

Universal Basic Income disagreed by The Guardian, British national daily newspaper

A regular sum paid to all citizens or residents, whether or not they are in work, will not solve the problems of earnings inequality and stagnant wage growth
Open uri20170129 4 zdd4qs?1485688448

Universal Basic Income agreed by Martin Ravallion, Economist

A basic-income guarantee would dominate net workfare earnings in terms of the impact on poverty for a given budgetary outlay.
Open uri20170129 4 1714bg3?1485688417

Universal Basic Income agreed by Richard Murphy, Professor of Practice in International Political Economy

But best of all, the suggestion is cost neutral, fair, cheap to administer and will always mean work pays fairly. Those are goals all political parties say they share. That is why a basic income should appeal to everyone.
Open uri20170129 4 ae9pi8?1485688360

Universal Basic Income agreed by Paul Mason, Economics Editor, The Guardian

To benefit from the automation revolution we need a universal basic income, the slashing of working hours and a redefinition of ourselves without work
Open uri20170129 4 1usuax2?1485688447

Universal Basic Income agreed by Ailsa McKay, Feminist Economist

A Citizens Basic Income (CBI) would ensure that the financial gains from paid work were always positive and would provide a more secure base for individuals to opt in and out of the labour market, thus promoting greater flexibility with respect to individual life choices.
Open uri20170129 4 tzg9rz?1485688446

Universal Basic Income agreed by Timothy Lutts, Chief Analyst, Cabot Stock of the Month

A Guaranteed Basic Income is an idea worth considering.

Universal Basic Income agreed by Barbara Ehrenreich, Author of Nickel and Dimed

[Martin Ford's] solution is blindingly obvious: As both conservatives and liberals have proposed over the years, we need to institute a guaranteed annual minimum income


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