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A single founder in a startup is a mistake

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Open uri20170104 4 pm58b9?1483544231

Konst. Stampoulis European Civilization scholar, Wikipedian, Open culture supporter

Open uri20160822 3 1rfpqkh?1471892290

Guy Kawasaki Founded 3 companies. Invested in 10. Former chief evangelist of Apple. Author of thirteen book

Open uri20160820 3 1lf4r16?1471720322

Paul Graham co-founder at Y Combinator

Open uri20160822 3 1c1z559?1471892582

Hector Perez Co-founder at AgreeList. Londoner. Founded a political party. Telecom engineer. Ruby dev.

Open uri20160421 3 j7jcsg?1461247596

Jesus Encinar CEO & founder at Idealista (top property website in Spain). Harvard Business School MBA. Inves

Open uri20160822 3 zzxfoc?1471892696

Javier Martin CEO at Loogic, co-founder at Iniciador, author.

Open uri20160421 3 13fo8no?1461248129

Pau Garcia-Milà "Innovator Of The Year" by MIT's TR-35 Spain. Founder of eyeOS (acquired by Telefónica in 2014

Open uri20160421 3 17b816e?1461247575

Rodolfo Carpintier Founder and president at DAD. Investor in 25 startups.

Open uri20160421 3 2xe33z?1461247614

Bernardo Hernandez Founder at StepOne Ventures and Idealista. Investor. Ex Googler, Yahoo! and BBVA.

Open uri20160421 3 uo28vs?1461247578

Javier Megias CEO and co-founder of Startupxplore, Entrepreneur, Investor, Blogger

Open uri20160421 3 u9r8ce?1461248125

Ángel María Founder Samastah, @Bubok • Studied at @Universidad Complutense De Madrid. Featured by Forbes i

Open uri20160421 3 1svjvjm?1461247572

Juan Luis Hortelano Co-founder and director of @Plug and Play Tech Center in Spain, expert in internationalization

Open uri20160421 3 16282km?1461247589

Marta Esteve Founder of @soysuper, @rentalia, co-founder of @Toprural Partner in @Vinogusto

Open uri20160123 3 1gdb4on?1453578041

Elena Benito Ruiz Head of Digital + SEO @ Antiaging Group Barcelona & Instituto del Pelo Vila-Rovira. Startup me

Open uri20160421 3 5hp2x3?1461247552

Miguel Angel Ivars Founder & CEO at @AdLemons, influence marketing platform.

Open uri20160421 3 14gbkzm?1461247567

Adrian Hon CEO of Six to Start (Zombies, Run!, The Walk), author of A History of the Future in 100 Object

Open uri20160123 3 zi61g8?1453578019

Yuri Sagalov Founder & CEO (@aerofs), part time partner (@ycombinator)

Open uri20160421 3 1hqdkt4?1461247612

Luis Gosalbez Lawyer and entrepreneur. Founder of Metricson, cofounder of Terminis.

Open uri20160421 3 1t8pm80?1461247609

Juan Martínez Climent CEO and co-founder of Agroterra. Co-founder of Plug and Play Spain.

Open uri20160421 3 bgeb12?1461247621

David Zaragoza Cofounder of Avanzis, Terminis, Todoexpertos.

Open uri20160123 3 yx4o52?1453578027

Felipe Navio Co-founder and product guy of jobandtalent. We are helping professionals to never miss again a

Open uri20160421 3 1l0cnrz?1461247604

Cristobal Viedma CEO Monkimun

Open uri20160422 3 1wm0bdb?1461344866

Christopher Moisan CEO @AiT - Swim + Health/Fit Tech. Ex-Taptu, Napster, Mind Candy, Guardian.

Open uri20160421 3 ri5dqa?1461247474

Jose A. Llopis CEO & co-Fouder at Bookitit & PideCita

Open uri20160421 3 1vt5qzc?1461247547

Manuel Silva Vice President at BBVA Ventures

Open uri20160421 3 1o6z36f?1461248094

Eduardo Clavijo Business Angel, Entrepeneur, business consultant. London Business School.

Open uri20160421 3 whcexo?1461248079

Nick Jordan CEO Trade Horizons. Executive MBA from London Business School. Qualified Private Banker.


Sauro Mostarda Head of Business Development & Operations at Solar Ventures and CEO @ Behind Energy. MBA @Lond


Open uri20161031 3 17s359k?1477951029

Nancy Lublin CEO/Founder (Former CEO,; Founder, https://t.

Of course you need amazing people around you, people smarter than you, people who compliment your strengths. But someone has to own it and lead. Time wasted on finding a co founder, time spent negotiating, blah blah blah. Lead and ship
Open uri20170328 4 z81vgn?1490730539

Farhan Lalji Canadian sportscaster

Open uri20160822 3 1gsjmaw?1471892312

Stephen Wolfram CEO of Wolfram Research. Mathematica. Wolfram Alpha. Author of the book A New Kind of Science.

Open uri20160822 3 9trw1k?1471892740

Emilio Marquez Fonder of Networking Activo

Open uri20160421 3 1kjl23z?1461247594

Iñaki Arrola CEO of Founder of Vitamina K VC SCR SA. Mentor at Seedrocket and Startbootcamp. A

Open uri20160421 3 s4pzou?1461247565

François Derbaix Co-founder @Bewa7er, @Soysuper, @Toprural (sold to @HomeAway) and (sold to @idea

Open uri20160421 3 1eark4k?1461247587

Ramon Suarez @Betacowork founder; @cohandbook author; @coassemblyeu president; @startupsbe @betagroup board

Open uri20160822 3 g669pm?1471892754

Álvaro Ortiz Cofounder of Mumumio and Actuable (acquired by Investor at SinDelantal, Startupxp

Open uri20160421 3 1gaz0zv?1461248120

César Mariel Albert CEO and co-founder @Iristrace. Mindvestor. @imaginecc Dreamer. @sbcAmsterdam Alumni 2014

Open uri20160421 3 4xkfhw?1461247629

Agustin Cuenca Founder ASPgems, @Beruby

Open uri20160421 3 1ii66oc?1461247582

Lucas Cervera Co-founder of nVotes and Iniciador. Business design professor, advisor & speaker.

Open uri20160421 3 dctqqm?1461248122

Gustavo G. Brusilovsky Cofounder of BuyVip (sold to Amazon). Cofounder of Klikin. Board member at Chemo. Internet Ent

Open uri20160421 3 e9lx01?1461248064

Anastasia Leng Co-founder of @HatchCo / Former long-time #Googler

Open uri20160421 3 n8zgb0?1461247592

Ariel Quinones Co-founder @ironhak, MBA at Wharton Business School.

Open uri20160421 3 1493zxx?1461247563

Guillermo Garcia CEO of MyKerbox & Onestic.

Open uri20160123 3 11w82k9?1453578021

Sukhraj Grewal Internet Marketer


Anu Chandra Founder @Ryelore, London Business School MBA, Edinburgh CS

Open uri20160822 3 nag6m3?1471892285

Daniel Morgan Founder of Active in Time.

Open uri20160421 3 rup15f?1461247527

Israel Yuste CEO & Founder @biupBOX

Open uri20160822 3 177xtib?1471892725

David Blanco Founder and CEO @Tractis

Open uri20160123 3 cvbo9d?1453581257

Antonio González Barros Chairman at Grupo Intercom (created more than 45 businesses such as InfoJobs, Softonic and ema


Open uri20160421 3 dctqqm?1461248122

Gustavo G. Brusilovsky

Maybe not recommended but mistake sounds too extreme.
Open uri20160421 3 bgeb12?1461247621

David Zaragoza

In general it's true, but there are exceptions.
Open uri20160822 3 1rfpqkh?1471892290

Guy Kawasaki source

Successful companies are usually started, and become successful, with the contributions of at least two soul mates. However, do not rush. It's better to have too few founders than too many.
Open uri20160822 3 657py?1471892310

David Byttow

Depends but it's good to have a strong partner.
Open uri20160123 3 zi61g8?1453578019

Yuri Sagalov source

Makes it much, much, harder.

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