Clinton over Trump

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Katy Perry American singer, songwriter and actress

Open uri20170328 4 y09z5u?1490732548

Barack Obama Former President of United States of America

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Ellen DeGeneres American stand-up comedian, television host, and actress

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Lady Gaga American singer and songwriter

Open uri20160830 3 19s2y98?1472589056

Justin Timberlake American singer and actor

Open uri20160830 3 1b3gyda?1472588520

Kim Kardashian American television personality

Open uri20170328 4 17vz0yo?1490732454

Ariana Grande American actress, singer, composer and dancer

Open uri20160830 3 yksqrx?1472588931

Demi Lovato American actress, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, philanthropist, model and businesswoman

Open uri20160830 3 1eadnkw?1472588928

Jennifer Lopez American singer and actress

Open uri20160824 3 1y9dr0h?1472038638

Oprah Winfrey American businesswoman, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist

Open uri20160830 3 1bl8gtm?1472588658

Lil Wayne American rapper and singer of songs

Open uri20160830 3 y533yw?1472588694

Kanye West American recording artist

Open uri20160830 3 1ra3yal?1472588906

Alicia Keys American singer-songwriter, pianist, and actress

Open uri20160830 3 1fglavz?1472588517

Khloé Kardashian American television personality

Open uri20160830 3 u5tic9?1472588414

Kendall Jenner American television personality and model

Open uri20170328 4 pv8sz3?1490732440

Mariah Carey American singer and actress

Open uri20160830 3 3tn57y?1472587473

Ashton Kutcher Actor from the united states

Open uri20170328 4 rlnzlv?1490732796

Leonardo DiCaprio American actor, film producer, and environmental activist

Open uri20160830 3 oi3lxm?1472588678

Snoop Dogg American rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor

Open uri20160830 3 rv3j8x?1472588943

Ricky Martin Singer from puerto rico

Open uri20160830 3 tn4lfq?1472587373

Tom Hanks American actor

Open uri20170328 4 zpdlqp?1490732448

Elissa Singer from lebanon

Open uri20160830 3 a001bm?1472589065

Usher Singer from the united states

Open uri20160830 3 gbgw7g?1472588789

Kelly Clarkson Singer-songwriter, actress

Open uri20170328 4 i42c1k?1490732318

Sarah Silverman American comedian and actress

Open uri20170328 4 8zlxvy?1490732858

Pharrell Williams American rapper, singer, record producer, composer, and fashion designer.

Open uri20170328 4 d0zdms?1490732430

Marc Anthony Puerto rican actor, record producer and singer-songwriter



Walter Forkel Co-founder FingerCoding UG, Computer science student

Open uri20160830 3 1t9ppq6?1472580532

Sean Combs American rapper, record producer, actor and entrepreneur

Open uri20170328 4 1a0luv5?1490731772

Mike Tyson Former heavyweight champion and professional boxer

Open uri20160830 3 1bd0aq6?1472577189

Piers Morgan Journalist and television host from england

Open uri20160830 3 kxqq5z?1472580070

Caitlyn Jenner American reality television personality and retired olympic decathlete champion

Open uri20160830 3 lsr0rw?1472577694

Dana White President of the ufc

Open uri20170328 4 gh330o?1490731724

Ivanka Trump American businesswoman, socialite, fashion model and daughter of donald trump

Open uri20170328 4 1ayn8en?1490731716

Naguib Sawiris Egyptian businessman

Open uri20170328 4 fnl7eu?1490731783

Kendra Wilkinson Model and reality television participant

Open uri20160830 3 x7hhhp?1472580419

Willie Robertson American tv personality, businessman, outdoorsman, hunter, and author

Open uri20170328 4 5t6eyl?1490731729

Sean Hannity American television host, conservative political commentator

Open uri20170328 4 19deuh4?1490730706

John McCain U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Chairman of Senate Armed Services Committee

Open uri20160830 3 klga5w?1472578202

Ben Carson American neurosurgeon

Open uri20170328 4 1orc016?1490731756

Hulk Hogan American professional wrestler

Open uri20160830 3 lla633?1472580412

Sadie Robertson American television personality

Open uri20170328 4 1tleln6?1490731702

Vladimir Zhirinovsky Russian politician and political activist

Open uri20160830 3 1s9awpx?1472575796

Newt Gingrich Professor, speaker of the united states house of representatives

Open uri20160830 3 fol24m?1472574100

Marco Rubio U.s. senator from state of florida, united states; politician

Open uri20170328 4 1snyrtf?1490731719

Donald Trump, Jr. Us businessman

Open uri20160830 3 diea3j?1472580178

Terrell Owens American athlete

Open uri20160830 3 mslxa1?1472577161

Michelle Malkin Author, journalist

Open uri20170328 4 x2pbr7?1490731202

Sarah Palin American politician

Open uri20170328 4 1tgeq0t?1490730874

Marine Le Pen French lawyer and politician

Open uri20170328 4 1vdsp8g?1490731759

Jerry Lawler American professional wrestler and color commentator

Open uri20160830 3 1rho77y?1472578334

Kirstie Alley American actress and comedian

Open uri20170328 4 1m7kfq7?1490730888

Rand Paul American politician, ophtalmologist, and united states senator from kentucky

Open uri20170328 4 1nhxu69?1490731778

Teresa Giudice American reality show participant

Open uri20170328 4 140t97d?1490731713

Robert Kiyosaki American finance author , investor

Open uri20160830 3 1x7ynee?1472580567

Justin Moore American musician

Open uri20170328 4 aw2y61?1490731781

Melania Trump Slovenian model, wife of donald trump

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