Open uri20160815 3 1lw9zbv?1471288718

Richard Branson Founder of Virgin (400 companies)

Open uri20170105 4 1smh1fd?1483657771

Sam Altman President of Y Combinator. Investor at Reddit, Stripe,, Pinterest and many others

Open uri20160822 3 1gsjmaw?1471892312

Stephen Wolfram CEO of Wolfram Research. Mathematica. Wolfram Alpha. Author of the book A New Kind of Science.

Open uri20160822 3 657py?1471892310

David Byttow Engineer. Working on @bold. Previously Secret, Square, Medium, Google and shipped a handful of

Open uri20160822 3 1c1z559?1471892582

Hector Perez Co-founder at AgreeList. Londoner. Founded a political party. Telecom engineer. Ruby dev.

Open uri20160421 3 j7jcsg?1461247596

Jesus Encinar CEO & founder at Idealista (top property website in Spain). Harvard Business School MBA. Inves

Open uri20160822 3 zzxfoc?1471892696

Javier Martin CEO at Loogic, co-founder at Iniciador, author.

Open uri20160421 3 13fo8no?1461248129

Pau Garcia-Milà "Innovator Of The Year" by MIT's TR-35 Spain. Founder of eyeOS (acquired by Telefónica in 2014

Open uri20160421 3 17b816e?1461247575

Rodolfo Carpintier Founder and president at DAD. Investor in 25 startups.

Open uri20160421 3 2xe33z?1461247614

Bernardo Hernandez Founder at StepOne Ventures and Idealista. Investor. Ex Googler, Yahoo! and BBVA.

Open uri20160421 3 s4pzou?1461247565

François Derbaix Co-founder @Bewa7er, @Soysuper, @Toprural (sold to @HomeAway) and (sold to @idea

Open uri20160421 3 nsdhug?1461247599

Jaime Estévez Founder @agoranews @agoramusic @agoracolombia. Journalist. Entrepreneur. Professor.

Open uri20160421 3 u9r8ce?1461248125

Ángel María Founder Samastah, @Bubok • Studied at @Universidad Complutense De Madrid. Featured by Forbes i

Open uri20160421 3 1eark4k?1461247587

Ramon Suarez @Betacowork founder; @cohandbook author; @coassemblyeu president; @startupsbe @betagroup board

Open uri20160421 3 fp821m?1461247471

Pablo Villalba Founder of @8fit. Prev. founder of @RedboothHQ ($20mm raised, millions in revenue).

Open uri20160421 3 1svjvjm?1461247572

Juan Luis Hortelano Co-founder and director of @Plug and Play Tech Center in Spain, expert in internationalization

Open uri20160822 3 g669pm?1471892754

Álvaro Ortiz Cofounder of Mumumio and Actuable (acquired by Investor at SinDelantal, Startupxp

Open uri20160421 3 16282km?1461247589

Marta Esteve Founder of @soysuper, @rentalia, co-founder of @Toprural Partner in @Vinogusto

Open uri20160123 3 1gdb4on?1453578041

Elena Benito Ruiz Head of Digital + SEO @ Antiaging Group Barcelona & Instituto del Pelo Vila-Rovira. Startup me

Open uri20160421 3 1gaz0zv?1461248120

César Mariel Albert CEO and co-founder @Iristrace. Mindvestor. @imaginecc Dreamer. @sbcAmsterdam Alumni 2014

Open uri20160421 3 17pgnk7?1461247570

Albert Armengol Co-founder and CEO at @Doctoralia, founder and investor at several internet startups. MD, MBA

Open uri20160421 3 4xkfhw?1461247629

Agustin Cuenca Founder ASPgems, @Beruby

Open uri20160421 3 5hp2x3?1461247552

Miguel Angel Ivars Founder & CEO at @AdLemons, influence marketing platform.

Open uri20160421 3 1ii66oc?1461247582

Lucas Cervera Co-founder of nVotes and Iniciador. Business design professor, advisor & speaker.

Open uri20160421 3 1t8pm80?1461247609

Juan Martínez Climent CEO and co-founder of Agroterra. Co-founder of Plug and Play Spain.

Open uri20170328 4 m7s4j6?1490730527

Ben Dixon Coffee, zen, small steps taken quickly, author of 'Reliably Deploying Rails Applications'. Tra

Open uri20160421 3 dctqqm?1461248122

Gustavo G. Brusilovsky Cofounder of BuyVip (sold to Amazon). Cofounder of Klikin. Board member at Chemo. Internet Ent

Open uri20160421 3 e9lx01?1461248064

Anastasia Leng Co-founder of @HatchCo / Former long-time #Googler

Open uri20160123 3 yx4o52?1453578027

Felipe Navio Co-founder and product guy of jobandtalent. We are helping professionals to never miss again a

Open uri20160421 3 1493zxx?1461247563

Guillermo Garcia CEO of MyKerbox & Onestic.


Open uri20170328 4 z81vgn?1490730539

Farhan Lalji Canadian sportscaster

Open uri20160822 3 9trw1k?1471892740

Emilio Marquez Fonder of Networking Activo

Open uri20160421 3 uo28vs?1461247578

Javier Megias CEO and co-founder of Startupxplore, Entrepreneur, Investor, Blogger

Open uri20160421 3 1kjl23z?1461247594

Iñaki Arrola CEO of Founder of Vitamina K VC SCR SA. Mentor at Seedrocket and Startbootcamp. A

Open uri20160421 3 1hqdkt4?1461247612

Luis Gosalbez Lawyer and entrepreneur. Founder of Metricson, cofounder of Terminis.

Open uri20160421 3 bgeb12?1461247621

David Zaragoza Cofounder of Avanzis, Terminis, Todoexpertos.

Open uri20160421 3 n8zgb0?1461247592

Ariel Quinones Co-founder @ironhak, MBA at Wharton Business School.

Open uri20160421 3 1l0cnrz?1461247604

Cristobal Viedma CEO Monkimun


Open uri20160421 3 bgeb12?1461247621

David Zaragoza

In building Internet startups, applying intuition is okay, however you should be driven by metrics.
Open uri20160421 3 1p7al4j?1461248103

Anonymous source

Except when it comes to what your customers want, then ignore your gut and trust them.

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